Sneak Peek at Upcoming Oolong

Yesterday I eagerly accepted Roy's invitation for a first peek at the newly arrive yan cha from Wu Yi Shan. I made a few photos of the fresh leaves, and other shots as they were steeping. In the end Roy wasn't satisfied with how the teas were fired in China and is refiring them before they're released. If he has time to do the refiring before his upcoming trip to China at least some of these teas may be available in the teahouse this month. Otherwise you'll have to wait until August to try them. But polish up your yi xing teapot, because the summer oolongs are coming! And if you really love oolong tea, don't miss Roy's oolong tea class on August 23, when he'll discuss and teach you to brew this year's Monkey-Picked Tie Guan Yin and yan cha in both an yi xing teapot and a gaiwan.

Four 2009 yan cha ready for cupping. It's easy to recognize the pale bai ji guan (white cock's comb) at the upper right. Roy didn't originally plan to buy this tea, but his tea farm tipped him off that it's very good this year, so he took a small amount.

That's the bai ji guan in the middle. The teas on either end are shui xian that Roy wants to refire.

On the left is fo shou (Buddha palm). 2009 is the first year we've carried this uncommon yan cha variety. Fo shou and bai ji guan are likely to be two of our most interesting oolongs this year. Also pictured (moving from left to right): tie luohan, shui xian, and da hong pao.