Photos from Yi Xing

The elegant and tactile Yi Li Zhu teapot, based on a classic design

The Shu Bian teapot is made so it's easy to drink from the spout...the ultimate "personal teapot!"

In addition to teaware there's lots of beautiful ceramic art in Yi Xing, such as this Buddha

Not surprisingly, Lu Yu, the "Sage of Tea," has been captured in yi xing clay

A beautiful Guan Yin rendered in yi xing clay


author said...

very nice Roy, and the photos are appreciated. I loved seeing photos of your house in Beijing also

I wanted to remind you about Jiao Gu Lan and I didn't know where else to put this! I hope you can find some like the batch you had before

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if there is something wrong on my side with my computer. I was unable to view pics of Roy's images from Yixing, China. My pictures on my computer showed barely half of the images. Please advise and thanks.

P.S. Roy is truly an inspiration. Time is not running out. I am about his age. I want to find a tee shirt to wear that reads "Old Guys Rule" too.

Virginia said...

Regarding the images, we have reloaded them in a smaller file size that should be easier to download. For anyone who had problems in the past, refresh the page and it should render correctly.