Must-Have Tea Accessory: Our New Imperial Tea Bottle

We only put our Imperial name on the best tea products, the ones we enjoy ourselves, so we know from personal experience that you'll love our latest favorite, the Imperial Tea Bottle. In China, the preferred informal way to enjoy tea all day long, at home or work, is to fill an insulated glass bottle with a handful of tea leaves and then keep topping it off with hot water until the leaves lose flavor. Our Imperial Tea Bottle brings that same casual tea experience to our customers worldwide.

Double-walled glass construction insulates the bottle from heat loss and makes it comfortable to hold. A silicone o-ring seals the screw-on top to ensure against leaks. And the bottle is attractively decorated with an etched leaf design.

The Imperial Tea Bottle comes in a well padded, silk-lined brocade gift box with a magnetic closure. Capacity: 10 fluid ounces. Affordably priced at only $12, it makes a great gift for yourself or your favorite tea lover.