A Look Inside One of Ma Lian Dao's Tea Cities

The impressive facade of Beijing Ma Lian Dao Tea City, only one of many "Tea Cities" in the capital's wholesale tea district

Inside Tea City are floors and floors of tea vendors

Shopkeepers waiting for me to walk over and give their tea a try

The day I visited business was slow. Even tea couldn't keep these guys awake.


Jason Witt said...

Nice photos. I'd envisioned this as more of a flea market in the poor country of China, like an old-fashioned outdoor market in a big emporium. But these photos show it's like a Western shopping mall. I'd like to visit this place; I think it'd be exciting to shop for nothing but tea.

Roy Fong said...

if you love tea, this is one of the must visits besides real tea farms, you'd have a ball here!