For the Dog Days of Summer, A Reader's Recipe for Iced Red Envelope Tea

One of our readers, Melanie in Oregon, passed along kind words and a recipe for iced tea made with our popular Red Envelope Blend herbal tea. Perfect for keeping cool during the heatwave they're having up in Oregon this week or anywhere that's suffering in midsummer heat. Melanie, thanks for sharing!

Your teas are beautiful! I've enjoyed your Red Envelope Blend at Zao Noodle Bar in Tigard, Oregon, numerous times, and always keep some at home. I've been making sun tea with it. Here's my recipe:
  • Place 1/3 cup loose tea in 1 gallon cold water

  • Set jug in the sun for for 1.5 hours

  • For those who are concerned about sun tea, try placing the jug in the refrigerator overnight instead of in the sun
My kids and I love it. I have a question about this blend. I see that it contains lavender flower, orange peel, jasmine tea, and hibiscus flower. Does it also contain stevia? I'm wondering it that's the source of its sweetness. I'd like to recommend the tea to my friends, and I know that some of them, concerned with food allergies, are going to want to know.

In answer to Melanie's question, yes, the blend does contain stevia, the "sweetning herb."