First Taste: 2009 Bai Ji Guan

Along with Da Hong Pao, Bai Ji Guan (White Cock's Comb) is among the five most famous yan cha from the Wu Yi Shan region. This uncommon tea makes a striking visual impression with its pale yellow-green leaves fringed in chestnut that instantly set it apart from any other tea. The liquor is yellow-gold. The infusion smells so fruity it reminds me of the fruity teas of Yunnan, except without the distinctly metallic note that comes from Yunnan's iron-rich soil. There's an almost candy-like sweetness in the fragrance.

On the palate, more florals come into play. Despite the pale color this tea has a pleasingly substantial texture that contributes to its sweet, long-lasting finish. Due to limited production it's hard to find authentic Bai Ji Guan and even harder to procure a great one, so we're excited to offer a rare opportunity to experience the qualities that have made this tea renowned among Chinese tea cognoscenti. Now available in our online store; coming to the teahouses by the end of the week.