A Bit More Detail on the Yi Li Zhu Teapot

A sharp-eyed teapot lover, Dennis from Hawaii, asked, "I have a question about the Yi Li Zhu teapot that Roy mentioned on the blog. Is this teapot similar in design to the Dragon Alchemy pot on your website now?"

You're right, Dennis! The reason those two teapots look similar is that they're both inspired by the design of a famous, historic yi xing teapot. We asked Roy to provide more detail on how the Yi Li Zhu is different. Here's his response:

The Dragon Alchemy is based on the same design, but I elected to make it more round. After attempting that teapot several times, I decided to make the Yi Li Zhu pot a bit more flat to open up the top more and give it more balance. The Yi Li Zhu is better balanced and to me, a far superior teapot.

We can't wait until the Yi Li Zhu arrives in the teahouse next month and we can check it out in person. When that happens we'll provide a full review here on the blog!