Bestselling Yi Xing Pot: Back in Stock, Unbeatable Price

If you've been wanting a high-quality yi xing teapot to enhance your enjoyment of oolong and puerh tea but were deterred by the bad economy, here's a great opportunity. Our bestselling yi xing teapot of all time, the Contemporary Classic, is finally back in stock! Best of all, because of his commitment to making great tea available to everyone, Teamaster Roy Fong has decided not to raise the price of this pot, despite higher production costs. This hand-finished pot, made to Roy's personal specifications from high-quality yi xing clay, is only $39.

Here's what Roy says about the Contemporary Classic: "This is the first pot I created, by changing the classic design of a shui ping hu, which is typically taller with a smaller opening. I flattened the pot a bit to give it a larger opening and a wider interior to allow better leaf expansion. I also made the spout more pointy so the water shoots off the spout, providing better water flow when pouring. We've sold hundreds, if not thousands, of these pots!"

The Contemporary Classic comes in either dark brown or terracotta and holds approximately 170ml, the perfect size for one or two tea drinkers. At this price anyone can afford to start brewing oolong and puerh tea gong fu style--or to build your collection of fine teaware.