Perfect Packaging for Treasured Puerh Cakes

Customers have asked about elegant presentation packaging for puerh cakes. We're pleased to offer our new Bing Cha Silk Presentation Box in two designs, sized to cradle a standard 375-gram puerh cake in luxurious silk. Whether you're looking for a storage solution for your own treasured collection or want to make an impressive gift to valued friends and colleagues, one of our brocade presentation boxes is the perfect answer.

The Bing Cha Silk Presentation Box is available in either the regal Imperial Dragon design silk brocade or the more subdued Green Figured motif whose color suggests a fine sheng bing cha is contained within. Boxes are approximately 9 inches square by 2.5 inches deep with a magnetic closure and gold silk lining. For a limited time, save 10% when you shop online and buy two boxes, one of each design.