New Tea Gadget for Traditionalists: Our Gourd Strainer

In the past customers have asked for a strainer to use when pouring tea from the pot into the pitcher, but we've resisted. First, most strainers are metal; according to traditional tea culture, there shouldn't be any metal at the tea table because it conflicts with tea's nature as a wood element. Second, because of the quality of our tea, you won't find many fannings ("tea dust," the contents of a typical commercial teabag) that need to be filtered out. And third, we believe in keeping it simple and don't want a lot of tea tchotchkes cluttering the table.

However, for those who prefer strained tea, we're pleased to introduce our new Gourd Tea Strainer, hand-crafted to our specifications in Taiwan. Made from a dried hulu gourd with nylon mesh carefully hand-sewn into the bowl, our strainer is sized to nestle into the mouth of a standard-sized pitcher and makes quick work of removing the stray leaf that may escape from your teapot. It's a traditional and natural addition to your collection of tea implements, affordably priced at just $6.50.