In the Cup: Favorite Summer Teas

Customers' preferred teas of the Summer of 2009 include some reliable standards as well as new arrivals. Not surprisingly for the summer season, the picks are dominated by cooling green teas. If you haven't tried all of these Top 8 selections you may be missing your newest favorite:
  1. The top selling tea in our online store in June is flavorful, healthy, and affordably priced: Organic Everyday Green
  2. Second is our signature oolong, Monkey-Picked Tie Guan Yin
  3. In the third slot: a sweet new arrival this year, 2009 Organic Purple Bamboo
  4. Fourth, the latest edition of one of our classics, 2009 Imperial Green
  5. Number five: a delicious selection from Zhejiang, 2009 Snow Water Dragon Tips
  6. In sixth place, a popular scented black tea that makes great iced tea, Lychee Black
  7. Seventh is a terrific tea from Taiwan, 2009 Spring Harvest Imperial Green Oolong
  8. Rounding out the list, lucky number eight is an outstanding white tea, 2009 Imperial Silver Needles
Leave a comment and let us know your favorite tea this summer!