Coming in September: the "OMG" Tea Class

Exciting news for tea lovers! September means "back to school," so we've scheduled the much anticipated "OMG" tea class with Imperial Tea Court Teamaster Roy Fong for 6-8 pm Sunday, September 13, at our San Francisco Ferry Building teahouse. This will be truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience for tea lovers where you learn to brew four extraordinarily rare teas from Roy's personal collection.
  • Imperial Tribute Harvest Purple Tip Puerh, a young puerh comprised of purple leaf buds from centuries-old wild tea trees in China's Yunnan Province
  • A rich, aged puerh that Roy has been nurturing for decades in his own collection
  • Imperial Lotus Heart Dragon Well, one of the finest early-harvested dragon wells of the 2009 season, so rare that only a few kilos were produced
  • "Frozen Tea," an extraordinary Taiwanese green oolong fresh frozen at the tea farm and air-shipped to San Francisco. We guarantee you'll never taste a fresher tea!
The $125 tuition includes all tea, classroom materials, and a generous selection of our celebrated organic hand-made dim sum. Both Gong Fu and Gaiwan brewing styles will be covered. For more details and to reserve your seat, visit our web site. We look forward to seeing you in the teahouse in September!