Question from a Reader: Hong Kong Milk Tea

Today a customer asked, "I was wondering which tea would you recommend in making Hong Kong style cold milk tea? And how do you prepare it?"

"PS: My favorite Imperial tea is the Hibiscus iced tea. I’ll definitely be ordering some more of that soon!"

Our Asian Paradise blend is perfect for HK style milk tea! If you are a real HK milk tea lover, try this:

First, bring 1 gallon of water to boil with three cleaned out egg shells (the egg shells add calcium to the water and make a smooth, thick mouth feel, the way a good HK milk tea should taste).

Second, remove the egg shells and add 1-1.5 ounces of Asian Paradise blend black tea. Cover and infuse for at least 5-6 minutes (or a bit more if you like your tea strong). Strain and remove tea leaves.

Third, add equal amounts of condensed milk and evaporated milk to a glass, pour in the brewed tea, stir until the milk has completely dissolved (add a bit more condensed milk if you like your milk tea sweet), and enjoy! For iced milk tea, simply add condensed and evaporated milk to a pitcher, pour in brewed tea, and stir until the milk has totally dissolved. Cover the pitcher and ice until cold. When ready to serve, put a few cubes of ice into a blender and blend into ice shavings, put shaved ice into a glass, pour in the cold milk tea, and serve. To add a bit of color and flavor, drizzle some evaporated milk on the iced tea.