More 2009 Spring Harvest Teas Arrive

We're continuing to receive shipments of 2009 Spring Harvest tea that Roy sent from China last month. In addition to those previously announced, new arrivals include:
  • Snow Water Dragon Tips, an artful blend of Zhejiang green teas. This year's selection is finer, more uniform, and more tippy than last year, with a satisfying, weighty viscosity. Viscosity is an attribute of the brew that speaks to the quality of the leaf. It can only emerge from leaves that are chock full of nutrients and vital fluids. Therefore an infusion with high viscosity is an unmistakable sign of a good tea.
  • Imperial Green, a classic year in and year out, one of our top sellers. One thing customers value about Imperial Green is its consistency from year to year. The 2009 offering doesn't disappoint, with lots of flavor, a forgiving nature that makes it easy to brew, and the great fresh taste of early harvested spring green tea.
  • Organic Tian Mu Qing Ding. If you love Imperial Green but are on a budget, give our 2009 Organic Tian Mu Qing Ding a try. It's a straightforward tea, easy to brew, satisfying to drink, and a great value.
  • Imperial Silver Needles, the 2009 edition of a beautiful classic white tea.

If you're in the Bay Area, stop by one of the teahouses soon and ask our friendly, knowledgeable servers to prepare you some new tea! Or order online and enjoy the ephemeral taste of spring at home, wherever in the world you may be.