Join Roy for a 2009 Spring Harvest Tea Class

If you're looking to brush up on your tea brewing skills or you're simply eager for a taste of the new spring teas the way Roy brews them, join us for a very special event. Roy has agreed to teach two of his popular tea classes in the coming weeks. One class will be at 9:00 AM Sunday, May 31, in our Ferry Building teahouse, while the other is at 7:00 PM Sunday, June 7, in Berkeley. Space is limited and Roy's classes usually sell out quickly, so don't be tardy: reserve a space soon if you're interested.

Both classes will cover the same information. Roy will brew, and discuss his experiences selecting, some of this year's top teas, including Imperial Dragon Well, Imperial Silver Needles, Imperial Green, Imperial Green Oolong, and Organic Putuo Compassion. Classes will last approximately two hours; each class costs $50 per person. We look forward to seeing you there!