Roy's Trip to Yi Xing

Great news from Roy in Yi Xing: he's talking to two top potters about commissioning new teapots. One is the same artist who, in the past, has made our series of small, classic zhu ni (red clay) teapots. With a thinner, harder body than some other varieties of yi xing ware, a round belly to accomodate expanding leaves, and a tall domed top to capture aroma, this pot is ideal for fragrant oolongs from Taiwan or Anxi in China, including our famed Monkey-picked Tie Guan Yin or our popular Imperial Green Oolong.

The other artist is the Zhou Xiao Qin, who has studied with renowned potters and is destined for fame in her own right. In the past she has created several beautiful pots for us, including the one Roy has chosen as his personal puerh pot, the Wu Jing Handle-Style Teapot.

Here's Roy's update from Yi Xing:

Good news: the guy who made our Final Edition Zhu Ni teapot has dramatically improved his workmanship and after meeting with me over tea in his workshop, he is ready to produce a upgraded edition for us! The bad news is that he wants twice as much money! I am asking for samples to be made and will take it from there.

Zhou Xiao Qin is producing the lineup of pots for us again, but will give me an update on prices before production. I am afraid to find what the price is but she is good! The average price she charges is 5,000 yuan (about US$730) per pot!

Someone forgot to tell the Chinese there is a recession going on around the world. I went to lunch and couldn't find seats in two different restaurants. After finally finding someplace to eat, I couldn't find a taxi to go back to the hotel to rest my tired old bones; had to walk 35 minutes just to get back to the hotel to chill.

Going to a new tea farm tomorrow. I promised myself that I will do three new "things" each harvest. I think I went over that the first day! If I can only sleep at night I will be a better person in the morning. Hey, that sounds kind of cool...