Jasmine Tea and Tea City in Beijing, Then to Fuzhou to Taste More Tea

I have just arrived my hotel in Fuzhou, it is now 12:15am. I am bone tired but by now, I have developed the habit of sending my report before I knock off so here it is:

This morning, I again took the two-hour drive to see my friend Mr. Yang Wu and share a cup of delicious Jasmine Pearl tea in his hospital room. The tea seemed to pick both of us up. After chit-chatting until he got tired I took off to the famous Beijing wholesale tea market and spent the day cupping tea store to store. Not to pat myself on the back but really, we are at a different level!

Another two hours of driving got me to the airport. Beijing traffic is not to be believed. You just can't go anywhere in less than an hour; it seems to take that much time to drive around the block! Two-and-a-half hours of flying got me to Fuzhou; one more hour of driving got me here. Tomorrow morning Mr. Chen will set up this year's green tea to be scented into jasmine for me to approve or disapprove. That means another round of marathon cupping. I know that I sound like I am complaining, that is only because I am complaining! Even though I know that some of you folks out there will gladly take my job, unfortunately for you, I got here FIRST!

Taking a shower now and hopefully I can sleep until tomorrow morning...