In Lijiang, a Break from Tea Hunting

I got up early today for one more round of cupping before departing for the airport, bound for Lijiang, an ancient city around 500 years old. I am meeting up with my friend Eden for a few rounds of wine and tea drinking. Eden is certainly one of the few friends that I am always thankful for. I always enjoy our get togethers: the wine is excellent, the conversation stimulating.

I am taking a few days off from tea hunting to take a break both physically and mentally. I've been doing this for the last few years; I find that taking a few days off towards the end of the trip to reflect helps organize my thoughts. I will be re-cupping every single tea I have acquired as well as the ones I initially rejected, to confirm the reasons for rejection or confirmation. I find this process very helpful in my growth as a tea person.

I am staying in the famed Banyan Tree Hotel in Lijiang. Tea merchanting is a tough job, but someone has got to do it...