A Cool Cover...and a Moment of Gratitude

I received a link from my daughter, who is currently studying in New York. I never told anyone how difficult it was for me to close the door to her dorm for the first time and fly home without her, knowing that I won't be able to be mad at her for coming home late and a million of other things I managed to be mad about. I only knew that she wasn't coming home with me and that she's grown up and soon won't be coming home at all!

This is the link she sent.

I've never seen anyone sing that classic, "Stand By Me," with more soul and pizzazz, and it moved me deeply. I played the same clip over and over again, all of a sudden realizing how many have "stood by" me! All of you who read this blog, those who believed in a small tea company that said "yes we can!" and all those little farmers who said yes without any certainty of financial rewards, and just on my say-so sent out 200 tea pickers, for example! I have so much to be thankful for, you all are certainly included...


author said...

I'm glad you are grateful to we who have stood by you. Now, I want tea at a special price just for me :-p

Haha... see you this summer. Your blog has some great adventures on it and beautiful photos. Now I really want to go to China when I see such beautiful places, including the tea house in Hangzhou!

best from

author said...

PS I just remembered... someone described to me Sun Moon Lake tea from Taiwan. They told me it is a black tea. Do you ever stock this tea?

Thanks again,

Roy Fong said...


I should have known that it would you! You already got the "family" rate now you're after "God's" rate?? The tea in question in the Sun Moon Lake is an Asaame which was brought in during the Japanese occupation of Taiwan. The Assams there is much more expansive than the ones from India, they are fine tea but my fans (YOU) from NY are kinda cheap...

Roy Fong said...

Hey Janine,

There are some noises being made about a tea tour in September, whatdaya think?

author said...

Haha!! Well, if it's God's rate then that should be perfect for the Tea Master!!

(very interesting about Assam tea, btw, now I really want to try this tea)

Okay when I see you again we will talk about September.

author said...

PS please give my best regards to your wonderful wife and all the staff

- Janine