Staff Picks: Jesus Chaidez

Jesus has been with Imperial Tea Court since 2006, working in the original Chinatown teahouse, the Ferry Building, and occasionally in Berkeley. Originally from Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico, he's a pu er aficionado. Jesus's current favorite: our 2003 Green Yi Wu Shan Wild Tree Pu Er Bing Cha. In Jesus's words:

I like these cakes because they're just starting to change color, they have some age on them now. They have a nice peachy, plum-like flavor and you can brew them many times. I also like the way they're pressed, the old fashioned way, with stones, not machine-pressed. Because they're not pressed too tightly air can circulate and they'll age well. And these cakes are made with lots of tips. Wild 2003 cakes, not too expensive. How could they not be my favorites?