Purple-Tip Pu Er Update

The other day I met Roy at the teahouse and once again he reached into his computer bag and pulled out a cake of the astounding Imperial Tribute Harvest Purple Tip Pu Er, by now looking a bit nibbled around the edges (I'm starting to wonder if he takes this cake with him everywhere--ah the perks of being a teamaster!). He invited me to join him for a few cups, an offer that of course I couldn't refuse.

Interestingly, the cake is already starting to evolve. The first time I tasted it a couple of months ago the fruit flavor was so intense it was almost like drinking juice. All the fruit is still there, but it's becoming more concentrated and subdued, similar to how a grape turns into a raisin. Like before, we brewed the leaves three or four times and the tea didn't lose flavor. While we were talking it cooled to room temperature in our cups, but the tea remained just as delicious as when it was hot. In fact, the cool tea was incredibly crisp and refreshing, something that would taste fantastic on a hot summer afternoon. Roy said it would make the world's greatest iced tea!

Roy compares pu er to a living being: unique, temperamental, always changing. It's fascinating to watch (taste) this young tea grow up. I'm going to make it a point to bump into Roy more often...and always check that computer bag!