Hand-Pulled Noodles

Earlier this week I was reading a thread on a popular foodie web site. Folks were looking for authentic Chinese-style hand-pulled noodles and arguing about their favorite restaurants--whether the noodles were actually hand-pulled and if so, whether they were really made fresh or batch-made in advance. Hand-pulled noodle fans in the Bay Area, rest assured: you can find the real deal in our Berkeley teahouse. You're welcome to watch our cooks hand-pull your order in our open kitchen while you wait.

If they're done right, freshly hand-pulled noodles have a delicious chewy texture and the pleasing irregularity of a hand-crafted product. In addition to tea, Imperial Tea Court Teamaster Roy Fong loves a great hand-pulled noodle, so we make ours with Giusto organic flour and the special filtered water we use in our teahouses. You can order a bowl on its own or with a variety of other dishes and toppings on the menu. For the perfect combination, add a pot of Imperial Pu Er. Our hand-pulled noodles are only available in the Berkeley location.

After reading about hand-pulled noodles for awhile my mouth was watering, so I headed to Berkeley for a big bowl. In the picture above you can see Ivy pulling the noodles for my order!