Don't Miss Our Handmade, Organic Dim Sum

The handmade, organic dim sum in our two restaurants has been receiving a lot of favorable press lately. If you love fresh, healthy Chinese home cooking be sure to visit either our Ferry Building teahouse in San Francisco, or our Berkeley location in Epicurious Garden (nice neighborhood--next door to Chez Panise). As a Hong Kong native, Imperial Tea Court Teamaster Roy Fong takes dim sum as seriously as he takes tea. Imperial Tea Court was the first purveyor of organic, handmade dim sum in San Francisco and is one of only a handful in the U.S. Our dim sum, handcrafted from the finest ingredients, is available all day, every day at both teahouses.

Produce is sourced locally, as are many of the other ingredients. Our meat comes from Prather Ranch, a fellow Ferry Building Marketplace merchant known for its high quality. We order some of our noodles from Taiwan, while others are made to order in the Berkeley teahouse using organic flour from Giusto’s. All the cooking in our teahouses is done in organic tea seed oil, which we import from China. If you like this delicious, healthy oil, we also sell it.

The Berkeley teahouse has a larger selection of dim sum thanks to its bigger kitchen. Most notably, in Berkeley we offer hand-pulled noodles, along with several varieties of made-to-order wontons, potstickers, dumplings, steamed buns, and green onion pancakes. If you have a bigger appetite the menu also includes soup, stir-fried dishes, and braises.

At the Ferry Building teahouse the dim sum menu includes steamed buns filled with pork or greens; a variety of succulent dumplings and wontons; and handmade spring rolls that are baked, never fried. There's also an entree menu of homemade braised beef, pork, and curry tofu stews, as well as noodle dishes.

Roy is working on a list of suggested teas for each dish. For example, he recommends Monkey-Picked Tie Guan Yin with our Teahouse Spicy Noodles, Imperial Jasmine Pearls with the Dim Sum Sampler, and Imperial Pu Er with our famous Beijing-style beef noodles. Our teahouses aren't just for tea! Stop by soon and try the dim sum for yourself.