New in Our Teahouses: Dessert!

Imperial Tea Court San Francisco dessert plate We just introduced a small dessert menu in our teahouses for those days when you're looking for something sweet to end the meal or simply a tasty afternoon snack. Ever since Marco Polo Italian and Chinese food have been simpatico. We love Ciao Bella's authentic Italian-style gelato and sorbetto and we're pleased to carry a few of our favorite flavors: Lychee/Coconut gelato, Mango gelato, Blood Orange sorbetto, and special this month, Rose Petal Champagne sorbetto.

You can order by the scoop or in one of our dessert combos. Cookies & Cream gives you a scoop each of Lychee/Coconut, Mango, and Blood Orange, along with six of our homemade cookies and your choice of iced or hot tea (the cookies are also available a la carte). Or try our exotic Valentine Special, two scoops of Rose Petal Champage plus a beautiful rose-scented blossoming flower tea, Valentine Rose, served in a glass teapot that highlights this tea's dramatic presentation.

Stop by soon and try one of our tasty, refreshing new desserts! And this month only at our Ferry Building teahouse, tell your server you read about the new dessert specials on the Camellia Sinensis blog and receive a 10% discount on all dessert prices!

We look forward to seeing you soon at the teahouse.