Making tea!

How much tea should I use, how long should I steep it and how many cups of tea can I make with this? All legitimate questions with no cut and dry answers as far as I am concerned. In the beginning stages of your love affair, it would be wise to learn all there is about the other party and if he or she is predictable, all the better! However, once you get beyond circling each other, emotions take over and things happen and the relationship takes its own course.

Well I am talking about tea here; to make it to the next level, you have to get away from slavish measuring and predictability and rely on your intuition. The reason that almost everyone can make the same cup of tea differently is because no one is paying attention to the little things that add up: how much tea to use, how long, what temperature, etc., are only the start. It is the other little things that people don’t know or think about: how the tea should be placed in your pot or gaiwan, how the water should be poured to influence the way the leaves move and unfurl on each steeping, when to release heat and when to hold the heat in to gain just a little more flavor. What type of water works better with what tea and how does weather, moods, conversations and friends change your tea?

If you are like me, all this thinking makes my head hurt! Instead, I relax and let my inner self do the work. Intuition takes over and I automatically make adjustments without consciously thinking about what to do next. No step by step for me, that is just too complicated! Rather, be aware of all the issues that can affect your cup and let your inner self go. Eventually, you will make the connection and mindlessly make those small adjustments without having to think, and when you get there, your “gong fu” is building and before you know it, you will be wondering why you’d have to measure in the first place!