Kyoto Journal Interviews Roy Fong on Pu Erh

The newest edition of Kyoto Journal is all about tea, and includes an interview with Imperial Tea Court Teamaster Roy Fong on pu erh. While the full article isn't online, here's a brief excerpt:

"Unlike any other tea, pu-er is designed to be aged for years after it's picked, and is regarded almost as a living being, with personality. It displays one set of characteristics when young and continues to mature and change as time passes; as with people, the environment in which it 'grows up' affects the way it matures. This unique characteristic inspires passion and attachment to pu-er unmatched by any other tea in the world."

We'll soon be selling copies of this very special issue of Kyoto Journal in our teahouses and online. We'll post details here in the blog as soon as it's available. Meanwhile, as always, check out for a great selection of both loose and cake varieties of pu erh.