Imperial Tribute Harvest Purple Tip Pu Er: A Few Cakes for Sale

Exciting news for pu er lovers: Imperial Tea Court Teamaster Roy Fong has agreed to sell a handful of the exquisite, rare purple tip pu er cakes we blogged about recently. He also has a small amount of the same tea in loose-leaf form that he's offering for sale by the ounce. More details in our online store and in the new Pu Er Edition of our newsletter, Tea Readings.

While the tea is sheng (unfinished), it's delicious to drink now, but Roy believes it will age spectacularly. Either way, if you decide to sample this remarkable tea it will be a memorable experience that establishes a new benchmark for your expectations of pu er. If you'd like us to prepare the tea for you, make a reservation for an Imperial Tea Service featuring the loose-leaf tea brewed in the neutral environment of a porcelain gaiwan. Call in advance for pricing and to ensure availability. And for those of you lucky enough to taste Imperial Tribute Harvest Purple Tip Pu Er, please return to the blog and leave a comment sharing your impressions!

We're also pleased to share a couple of photos of one of the ancient trees that provided leaves for the Imperial Tribute Harvest Purple Tip Pu Er: