The Imperial Tea Bath

Imperial Tea Court's Imperial Tea Bath

I put our new Imperial Tea Bath sachets to the test last night. Here's my report:

I turned on the hot tap and tossed in a sachet. When the water reached the appropriate level I turned it off and waited about half an hour for the bath to cool to a comfortable temperature, allowing the sachet to steep. Although I have a large tub and the sachets don't seem too big, the water soon turned a rich golden color, similar to great cup of tea. The room filled with a pleasant, mint-accented herbal aroma. The green tea and herbs inside the sachet swelled up to fill the unbleached, loosely woven cloth sack that holds them.

Between the pleasant scent and the warm water the bath was really relaxing and time flew (warning: don't take an Imperial Tea Bath when you're in a rush!). I left the sachet in the bath, continuing to steep, the whole time. After soaking awhile I used it in lieu of a washcloth and soap for a light scrubbing.

Before I knew it I'd been in my Imperial Tea Bath for an hour. This is subjective, but it didn't seem to dry my skin as much as a comparable soap-and-water bath. Also, as Roy predicted based on his experience, afterwards I slept like a rock. I'm eager to get some sachets for the guest room--I think an Imperial Tea Bath would feel great after a long trip. And I'm looking forward to the next opportunity to indulge myself!

No doubt the legendary beauty Concubine Yang was onto something. Try an Imperial Tea Bath yourself and leave a comment here on the blog with your impressions. You can find Imperial Tea Bath sachets in our teahouses or in our online store.


Anonymous said...

I received my tea sachets in the mail, but I have to keep that a secret--one pair is a Valentine's Day present. I can't try my own sachets until after he tries his. I am a little anxious...luckily my new Tie Guan Yin arrived and I'm sipping that.
Last night I went over to see my Vietnamese friend Tingh and, for Chinese New Year's, I gave him the rest of the Yunnan tea brought over by a friend a couple of months ago--incredibly earthy tasting--so fresh!! My friend had been on a tour with Roy--they picked their own tea, ate incredible food... I am full of envy. Only a nice bath will help.

Virginia said...

The Imperial Tea Bath is a great gift! After a long, restful soak I'm sure your Valentine will be delighted. Keep us posted on how it goes!