Welcome to Camellia Sinensis, Imperial Tea Court's New Blog!

We've been wanting to start a blog for some time now, to improve communication with you, share more of our experiences in the tea world, and most importantly, to open a new channel where you can interact with us...and with each other! We call the blog Camellia Sinensis, the Latin name of the tea plant, in honor of this extraordinary specimen whose leaves have a remarkable ability to bestow pleasure, relaxation, and good health on those who partake of their brew.

At Imperial Tea Court we may be all about traditional Chinese tea and teaware, but when it comes to staying in touch, we look to the future, not the past. So stay tuned, before long we'll be showing up on Twitter, Facebook, and other Web 2.0 venues. It's one of our resolutions for 2009 and the Year of the Ox!

We're excited about some of the new teas we'll be introducing in the coming year, and we're planning some fun live events in our teahouses. Subscribe to the RSS feed or check back often for details. And please leave your questions and comments. We love to hear from you!