Special for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is one of our favorite seasons here at the teahouse and this year we have some special items to simplify your holiday shopping. New for 2009 and a real hit with customers are our Blossoming Flower Tea Gift Packs, a unique East-Meets-West way to give flowers and drink tea all at once! We packaged three beautiful hand-tied blossoming teas in an elegant, traditional Chinese hong bao (lucky red envelope). Each type of tea has a different style hong bao; give just one envelope or a collection of all four (there’s a discount if you buy the whole set). Choose from Dancing Blossom, Valentine Rose, Lychee Blossom, or Flower of Prosperity. If you haven’t seen this type of tea before, it makes a spectacular presentation, as each hand-tied “bud” blossoms into a miniature bouquet in your cup. Especially beautiful when brewed in a glass teapot. More details on the web site.

Of course there’s nothing more romantic than roses, so what better way to say I love you than with our Rose Tea Sampler? This collection contains an ounce each of three of our most popular rose teas—Rose Garden Dragonwell, Valentine Rose, and Imperial White Peony and Rose Petals. The Sampler comes gift packaged.

And if you like roses you and your Valentine will love the February special in our San Francisco and Berkeley teahouses. All month long we’re serving a special combination of Valentine Rose tea along with Ciao Bella’s lucious Rose Petal Champagne sorbetto. We choose all the menu items in our teahouses with care, and Ciao Bella’s premium gelato and sorbetto products meet our high standards for flavor and quality. Stop by one of the teahouses on the 14th or any day in February and indulge in this special seasonal treat!

Finally, Valentine’s Day is the time celebrate the sensual side of life, so you won’t want to miss our newest item, the Imperial Tea Bath. The Tea Bath has its origins in Chinese history. Over 1,000 years ago Princess Yang Yu Huan was the mistress of Tang Dynasty Emperor Tang Ming Huang. Her beauty has been documented in many history books; her smile was said to topple cities. She took meticulous care of herself by bathing regularly in tea picked from the highest peaks, believing that high-grown tea absorbs the essence of Yin (moon) and Yang (sun). The Emperor described seeing her emerge from a tea bath as one of the greatest natural beauties under heaven! Now you can share the Princess's immortal beauty secret. Our Imperial Tea Bath sachet contains the finest natural herbs and premium green tea that will soothe, relax, refresh, and rejuvenate. Try one any time you want to feel like a Princess! Available in a gift package of two sachets.

Chinese painting of Princess Yang Yu Huan emerging from her bath (from the Long Corridor at the Summer Palace, Beijing)